Your community matters

The benefits of wearing a mask

A prayer for Independence Day 2011

LETTER: Cops must undergo psychological screening

LETTER: Our students deserve a normal school year

LETTER: Don’t make students go back to school in masks

LETTER: We are all complicit in Floyd’s death

LETTER: Granville's state funding gets more bad news

LETTER: Don’t think SGWASA won’t raise rates

LETTER: No end in sight to SGWASA budget woes

LETTER: Granville senior center calls up old memories of high school

LETTER: SGWASA board shouldn’t be paid amid rate hike

LETTER: Correctional nurses need more than thanks

LETTER: Prison, jail staff deserve praise

LETTER: Stay home, but don’t ignore your health

LETTER: Virus calls us to acknowledge God

LETTER: Columnist omitted appeal possibilities

LETTER: Everyone needs to be tested, now

LETTER: Don’t expand SGWASA board, toss it out

LETTER: It’s not too late to fix our parks

LETTER: Budget veto unrelated to SGWASA grant denial

LETTER: President sent during time of upheaval

LETTER: Yarborough all talk, no action on SGWASA

LETTER: Cooper let down SGWASA on grants

LETTER: Tinder tech holds key to abuse prevention

LETTER: Smart Start aims for ‘sound basic education’

LETTER: Redistricting bill falls short of true reform

LETTER: You helped us feed 259 on Thanksgiving

Please recognize correctional staff as law enforcement

Mount Energy Elementary Letters to Santa Part 2

Butner Stem Elementary Letters to Santa

Mount Energy Elementary Letters to Santa

First Baptist Church Academy Letters to Santa

1st Place Academy Letters to Santa

Reflecting on the loss of Bobby Whitfield

Kudos to Francis Kucheravy, and we need many more

Does Butner have the paving blues?

Assessing vote turnout in Creedmoor and Granville County

Be what you are

Are we doing enough for education?

Local elections matter; make an informative vote

When the ‘right man’ for the job is a woman

John Hood

Choice should guide school reopening plans

RALEIGH — If you are among the minority of North Carolinians who haven’t supported the expansion of parental choice in education over the past two decades — in the form of charter schools, open …
Mike Walden

How long will North Carolina's recovery take?

I usually pepper my public presentations with some humor. After all, even I know economics can be a rather dull and dry subject. Injecting some jokes and laughter lightens the mood and makes me …

Workers without college degrees deserve a chance to compete

An FBI special agent, a corrections officer and a postal program analyst have few duties in common, but their jobs have the same qualification: a four-year college degree. Jailers and gun-toting, …
Ben Polis

Choose wisely in protecting your retirement

All of us hope that we are fortunate enough to be able to have stable health and live independently in our retirement years. Oh wouldn’t it be nice to have that crystal ball? But life happens and …
The season's fresh blueberries and peaches make this easy dessert delicious.

Blueberries and peaches make dessert delicious

I had a conversation with a cousin a few days ago about fresh peaches. We both love them and, on more than one occasion, have shared a big basket between our two households. We both admitted that …
Sonny Perdue

Secretary Sonny Perdue: Unused farm foods will not go to waste

These past few months have been difficult for many Americans, both economically and emotionally. The coronavirus has impacted the way we lead our daily lives, and that includes how we eat. With many …

Senate can't shirk police reform duty

Police stormed Breonna Taylor’s apartment as she slept and sprayed her with gunfire, leaving the 26-year-old emergency medical technician to die in a pool of blood. The Louisville …
Tom Campbell

Is the coronavirus a Republican or Democrat?

There was a time in March when it felt like we were all united in attacking COVID-19, but that honeymoon was shortlived. By the end of April, the virus had become partisan. If you listen to some …
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