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Amazed at amazement

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To the Editor,

After listening to the minutes of the most recent South Granville Water & Sewer Authority meeting held June 11, I can sum up my reaction in one word: Amazed.

That also happens to be the word SGWASA Board Chairman Edgar Smoak used in his closing remarks at that same meeting, which is what led me to my “amazement.” What’s all this talk about “being amazed?” Glad you asked.

After three years of numerous Letters to the Editor, local and national radio and TV coverage, petitioning the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, contacting state and federal representatives and holding community meetings, SGWASA finally, after 13 years of existence, brought in outside engineers, consultants and finance experts to provide sound data regarding the state of our 1942 military-built water system. What they found was a system in great need of upgrades and repairs, costly upgrades and repairs. So much that local development has come to a halt due to the lack of adequate water infrastructure to support it. Now comes the “amazing” part.

Chairman Smoak proclaimed “he was amazed with all the information the board has received over the past few months.” Based on the cost and complexity of what was proposed, I suppose he was. What is more “amazing” to me is, no one bothered to perform such a review 13 years ago before the state stepped away.

It is now more than obvious SGWASA, or no local entity, has the millions needed to accomplish what is needed, so the lack of vision and planning has resulted in SGWASA finding itself between the proverbial rock and a hard place with no easy way out.


John Mayo