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Assessing vote turnout in Creedmoor and Granville County

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To the Editor,

Now that the local elections are over and the results are in, I have been pondering the results.

Granville County has approximately 60,000 residents. According to the Board of Elections, 13,968 are registered. That means only 23.5 percent of the residents are willing to be involved in electing their government representatives. The 2019 election brought out 3,148 voters or 22.5 percent of the registered voters.

This brings up questions about why so many are not registered and why so few registered voters did not vote. So I ask, how important is my vote? Did my vote mean something?

Creedmoor’s population in 2017 was listed as 4,518. Current estimates are 5000-plus. About 60 percent are registered to vote, or 3070. This is higher than the county average. The count of votes for mayor was 715. This is about 23.5 percent of registered voters and about 14.3 percent of our residents.

This implies our residents are not very concerned with local government in spite of the fact that decisions by our local commissioners have a huge impact on city management, operations, tax rates and community development.

Did my vote mean something? My vote gave me a voice to select those who I felt had the intelligence, insight, leadership, moral courage and passion to carry out their civic responsibilities. My vote was for those who share a vision of Creedmoor and its future closest to mine. Yes, my vote meant leadership for our city is important.

How important was my vote? My vote meant my opinion mattered. I was one of only 715 Creedmoor voters. That means I did not just speak for me. I spoke for three other voters. That means I spoke for six other residents. My preference is carrying a weight far greater than one.

Those who did not vote missed their opportunity to make a difference in our community. I want to thank you non-voters for allowing me to speak for you even if my view does not match yours. You have made my voice louder and my views more prominent.

Francis Kucheravy