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Be what you are

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To the Editor,

The Staple Singers released a song in 1973 entitled “Be What You Are,” which sent the message of accepting and being satisfied with living the life you have and can afford, rather than trying to “buy a Cadillac when you know your money ain’t right.”

In short they were attempting to simply say, be happy with the life you have, instead of trying to live like someone else who may have more than you. There is no shame in eating “beef or pork if you can’t afford caviar.”

This message resonates even today, especially for the South Granville leaders, some of which seem to have a burning desire to make this area another Cary. For those I have this thought: Cary is Cary, and Creedmoor is Creedmoor, Butner is Butner, and Stem is Stem. Although this sounds redundant and obvious, it seems to be evading the minds of those who choose to lead the area.

All the talk about “needing growth,” and more rooftops sounds good on the surface, however, when you consider the fact that all these towns have rendered a comfortable lifestyle for years to those who were born, raised and live here, demonstrates growth and becoming more populated is not a necessity. It’s a matter of distinguishing the difference between needs and wants.

While having one more grocery store, or a movie theater, might provide more choice or “more to do,” it doesn’t mean not having them makes us any worse, and may indeed be the reason those who choose to live in this area can enjoy a more peaceful existence devoid of high crime, congestion, pollution and all the elements that come with progress.

In short, the grass always looks greener on the other side, until you experience being on the other side. I’ve said it before and will say again, local leaders should focus more on improving what we have (water, schools, etc.), and strive to be the best little town around. That is more practical, realistic and possible, and let Cary be Cary. “Be What You Are.”

John Mayo