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Creedmoor Sidewalk Restoration Project to begin this week

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CREEDMOOR — Beginning Tuesday, weather pending, crews from Precision Safe Sidewalks will begin performing repairs and making Creedmoor’s sidewalks safer and easier to use.

Crews are expected to complete the project in one day, according to a news release from the city of Creedmoor. Work will be done on sidewalks along Main Street (N.C. Highway 50) and Wilton Avenue (N.C. Highway 56).

At their meeting on Oct. 1, the Creedmoor Board of Commissioners approved a proposal by Precision Safe Sidewalks to repair all known trip and fall hazards throughout the city’s sidewalk system.

Precision Safe Sidewalks utilizes calibrated equipment to identify and mitigate trip and fall hazards by “precision-cutting” the trouble areas. During a recent evaluation, Precision Safe Sidewalks identified 79 trip and fall hazards that they will repair, and an additional 469 square feet of sidewalk that will be demolished and replaced by the Creedmoor Public Works Department and a concrete subcontractor in the near future.

Residents may see workers Tuesday but the city says there will be minimal impact to pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Precision Safe Sidewalks doesn’t utilize heavy equipment and there will be no need for a full sidewalk closure.

The city says the project will utilize zero local tax dollars but instead be paid for with Creedmoor’s allocated Powell Bill funding from the state of North Carolina. All repairs will help the city of Creedmoor maintain ADA compliance and decrease the risk of injury to pedestrians.

“Precision Safe Sidewalks is an industry leader in sidewalk repair, safety, and preservation. They are easy to work with, and in my past experience they have always been thorough and professional,” said Creedmoor Public Works Director Steve Edwards. “I look forward to completing this project with them and making sure all residents and visitors to Creedmoor enjoy safe and attractive sidewalks.”