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Granville’s new Law Enforcement Center near completion

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OXFORD — Granville County Commissioners last week said they were quite impressed as they toured the new and soon-to-be-opened Law Enforcement Center.

Development Services Director Scott Phillips said the project is 99.9% complete and will be completed within its $31 million budget.

“We are still waiting on some of the furniture, racks and other small items to finish the project, “ Phillips said.“We hope to be able to have an open house on Aug. 4 if everything goes as planned.”

The Animal Control portion of the complex should open in mid-Aug, he said.

Construction for the facilities began in December 2018. A groundbreaking ceremony took place March 2019.

Once complete, the Law Enforcement Center will hold the sheriff’s department, magistrate’s office, 911 call center and detention center all under one roof.  

“From intake to housing the detainees, everything is state of the art,” Granville County Sheriff Charles Noblin Jr. said during the tour.

The intake area has a room for Breathalyzer devices and a window to communicate with the magistrate. The area has multiple intake cells that are monitored from a central intake area.

Detention Administrator Edward Cash walked the tour group, which included commissioners, through the inmate intake process. Cash reviewed how inmates will arrive at the facility, how the center will process booking, where inmates will be taken for video arraignments and other steps before inmates are ready to be held in the detention area.

The detention center has 176 beds, including a dormitory-style area for women and a segregated detainees accused of more serious offenses.

The entire detention area is monitored from a central area overlooking each wing of the facility.

The new facility has five stations to hold the five 911 telecommunication spaces the county currently has; however there is room for expansion as the county grows.

The evidence retention area has nearly double the space the sheriff’s office currently has. It will use a scanning system to track all evidence.

“This is the same scanning system that the State Bureau of Investigation uses,” Noblin said. “It will make it easier to have a secure chain of custody with the scanning system.”

The new facility has its own kitchen, allowing meals to be cooked on site, and a laundry area with industrial-sized washers and dryers.

Commissioners also toured the new Animal Control Center, which is adjacent to the Law Enforcement Center.

The Animal Control Center has two holding rooms, one for adoption and the other for quarantined animals. The adoption room is expected to hold 20 kennels and the quarantine room should hold 18.

The facility has a room for smaller animals and an outside area for livestock and other large animals. There is also an outside play for dogs and an individual adoption room for cats and dogs.