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Highway or SGWASA robbery?

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To the Editor,

“Excessive profit or advantage derived from a business transaction.” This is the definition of “highway robbery.”

Now examine the following: According to data retrieved from the UNC School of Government Environmental Finance Center, the South Granville Water and Sewer Authority rates are in the top 10 percent for the entire state.

Keep in mind there are 2,000 such entities, and with the recent 17-percent increase (yes, you read correctly), our rates may well be close to the highest in the state. This for water that many do not trust to drink or cook with, and some even suspect may have resulted in health issues with either their plants, pets or themselves.

Whether you are a supporter of SGWASA or one of its many non-supporters, the reality of the situation is, area residents are being robbed in broad daylight. Forced to pay premium rates for a product that is not. Even more disturbing is the fact that there is a strong likelihood that we have not seen the end of rate hikes.

There is much to done in order for SGWASA to bring its outdated system “up-to-date” and even then the system’s age (77+ years) will still present ongoing breakdowns and issues requiring even more money. Money that comes from one source: customers.

Some have felt I have been unfair with my ongoing campaign aimed at SGWASA, however, many of those same individuals have begun to change their position as they learn more details. Details that render an ideal definition of a catch-22.

When it comes to water, SGWASA customers are out of luck. SGWASA was a poorly thought out, a bad idea from the start, and is only getting worse as time progresses. The only ones profiting are the seven board members.

John Mayo