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LETTER: Don’t make students go back to school in masks

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I am writing in hopes of encouraging parents of Granville County students to make sensible choices and to do some research before making their opinions known to the board of education. Our school system is currently looking at and deciding what rules will be put into place when our schools reopen in the fall.

Many of the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are nonsensical and do not represent what is best for our children or our school system.

A publicly published randomized clinical trial on cloth masks found that they do not prevent the spread of germs as well as surgical masks do. Cloth masks are not recommended by the authors of this study.

The CDC, World Health Organization and surgeon general have all said that wearing masks may be of some help but at best it is minimal. As we learn more, it appears that the spread of coronavirus is very unlikely when the person is asymptomatic. Potential transmission from asymptomatic people is why the CDC encouraged wearing face masks by healthy people. Certainly, it’s not worth the hassle that it would result in for teachers and students.

The percentage of positive coronavirus results has stayed level throughout the various phases of opening North Carolina. These numbers do not support keeping our kids partitioned off from each other, wearing masks to school, and eating lunch in their classrooms, as the rest of us are now eating together in restaurants, going to church together, and getting on with our lives.

States such as Georgia and Florida that have been opened up for many weeks are not seeing an increase in COVID-19 deaths.

Parents, let us, please, make it known to the Granville County School System that we do not want to follow nonsensical, expensive, isolating guidelines from the CDC.

Give our children a normal school year.

Lori Saunders

Editor’s note: The study cited by this writer compared the effectiveness of cloth versus surgical masks only in a health care setting. The study authors say cloth masks are not recommended in health care settings, but their use is preferred over wearing no mask. The CDC recommends the use of cloth face coverings for anyone who is in public, saying that the supply of surgical masks should be made available to health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Face masks are not intended to replace social distancing, state and federal health officials say.