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LETTER: Stay home, but don’t ignore your health

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Editor’s note: This writer is medical director of Granville Primary Care in Creedmoor.

We are in unprecedented times and must take unprecedented action. As a physician, I am asking you to follow the guidance from public health officials and Gov. Roy Cooper urging you to stay home, shelter in place, and help us defeat coronavirus. You can also take an active role in protecting yourself from coronavirus by frequently washing and disinfecting your hands, stop hand and finger contact with your mouth, nose, and eyes, and practice social distancing.

It’s also important to continue care for other aspects of your health.

When I began my journey as a family physician 12 years ago, I imagined a future where I would “see” patients by video or phone. The future is here. North Carolina’s family physicians and pediatricians have quickly implemented telehealth — where you visit with your doctor through video or telephone -- so you can stay in touch with your medical home while preventing the spread of coronavirus. Federal and state policy-makers, as well as private insurance companies, have made it much easier for doctors to provide care using technology.

As you stay home, please don’t skip your care. We still need to check on you and make sure chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension are under control and that your child’s development is on-track. Your primary care physician knows you and knows your history. And now we can care for you virtually. In addition to medical office visits, consider trying a telehealth visit: It’s fast, easy and now covered by most insurances.

Your doctor is here for you!

Liz Baltaro