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Local elections matter; make an informative vote

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To the Editor,

I wanted to take this opportunity as one-stop early voting has started to remind voters about sponsored by the League of Women Voters.

This is a one-stop website where voters can individualize their ballot using their home address. The voter can view who is running for office, and even read about each candidate. All municipal candidates with valid email addresses have been invited to answer questions about themselves and their candidacy on this site. This allows the voter to compare and contrast background, experience and positions on key issues.

The voter can also check registration status with links provided on this website. It is important to remember that if you have moved, or recently changed your name you should update your voter registration. During one-stop early voting you can register and update your voter registration.

Remember that photo ID is NOT required in 2019. However you do need to be a registered voter.

Local elections matter, but unfortunately there is commonly low voter turnout. It is our hope that the public becomes engaged with these important municipal elections happening right now. Clean water, safe communities, opportunities for business and healthy vibrant communities are all dependent upon the actions of those local elected officials.

Informing voters, empowering people, and providing election information you need is the mission of the League of Women Voters. Please email if you have questions or are interested in joining your local league at

Lastly, please thank poll workers this year. The hours are extremely long, the pay is poor, and the stress is very high, but every year they work diligently, and carefully to ensure safe, secure and fair elections.

Sonya Glavin

President, League of Women Voters of Granville County