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Latter-day Saints debut new Creedmoor church

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CREEDMOOR — The Creedmoor branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints welcomed community members into a new facility on Main Street with a May 3 open house celebration.

Area Latter-day Saints began meeting in the Creedmoor Gymnasium & Activity Center in February 2018 before moving to the South Granville Country Club. The new church at 201 S. Main St. was first opened to the public April 14.

David Bennington, the Creedmoor branch president of the Church of Latter-day Saints, said the average weekly attendance was 85, but attendance has averaged 102 people since the new building debuted last month.

Bennington said they have a five-year lease on the building, and the first year was used to make preparations and perform renovations. The building has received extensive upgrades on the inside.

“Basically, when you walk in the building, you are in the chapel,” Bennington said. “The area is more open now and there are offices that can be used that were converted to classrooms.”

Bennington explained how and why the Creedmoor branch was formed.

“The way the church is set up is like a school system,” Bennington said. “You go to church where you live as this allows leaders to use donations we consider sacred more efficiently. We have had members that have lived in the Butner-Creedmoor area for a long time. Previously, we have been having to travel to Wake Forest or Henderson depending on where you live.”

Bennington said the Creedmoor branch consists of members from the surrounding area, including the southern part of Granville County that traveled to Henderson and others members that went to Wake Forest. According to Bennington, three congregations shared a building in Wake Forest and there was a need to create another location.

“The members in our area have always had to drive a long ways, either to Wake Forest or to Durham to attend. I have lived in the same place for 21 years and have been to three different congregations, because of the growth of the church, I have been moved around to different branches.”

Bennington spoke of the disadvantages traveling can cause for church members and how a local branch would help resolve some of those issues.

“If you have to drive somewhere long distances to attend the church of your faith, you are always on the outside,” Bennington said. “While you can be very involved in everything you are still not part of that community. It is nice to be meeting in a place that is part of our community. If we have a special event, we can invite our friends and maybe they will come.”

Tamara Rodebaugh, a member of the church, said she was thrilled to be able to invite the community to see the renovated building.

“We are a Christ-centered, service-oriented church. We want to be involved in the community,” Rodebaugh said.

Bennington echoed her thoughts about serving the community and said he has reached out to area churches to begin working together on service projects.

“We love the Lord and every good thing He is trying to do, that is what we want to do,” Bennington said. “We are here to serve Him, because we know He is a loving, perfect being.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints meets every Sunday from 10 a.m. to noon. All community members are invited.