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Pointing out the ‘negligence’ by SGWASA

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To the Editor,

Ordinarily I do not respond to criticism from those who do not support or understand why I have been focusing so much on the South Granville Water and Sewer Authority and its many issues.

However, in response to Barbara Currin [“Repetitiveness on this opinion page”; April 5], I do feel a response is required.

First and foremost, an opinion page is just what the name implies — a page where readers can express their opinions. That is a basic tenant of democracy in the U.S. Opinions by nature do not have to be accepted or agreed with, and most significant, can just be ignored. In short, if you don’t like what I say, then don’t read it.

Second, your statements display a lack of understanding of the matter. You state, and I quote, “cleaning up the negligence of the maintenance over all these 77 years. Whose fault is that and why is it now up to SGWASA committee to correct it?”

Point to the precise reason I do what I do. “Negligence” by the SGWASA board (not a committee), is what has led to the current quagmire SGWASA finds itself in, and in response to your inquiry as to “why is it now up to SGWASA committee to correct it?”, well, the SGWASA board is totally responsible for anything related to our water, the WTP, the distribution system, sewage system and our rates, so there is no one else to be held responsible.

Their lack of ongoing maintenance and neglect was what motivated me initially to put a little “fire beneath their feet” and it accomplished the goal of finally getting them to bring in outside consultants and engineers to deliver an accurate appraisal of the condition of our system, and the needed repairs and upgrades.

There is more I could enlighten you with, but I think I’ve made my point, and just so you will know, there are numerous individuals who both understand and support what I do, so a “handful of distractors” do not weaken my resolve.

John Mayo