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The benefits of Senate Bill 274

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To the Editor,

Granville County Commissioners, I’m writing you again to try to straighten out what we so called “special interest” groups are asking by supporting Senate Bill 274.

We are taxpaying property owners wanting to exercise our rights to use our property as we see fit.

We are not against the use of dogs for hunting purposes. As a matter of fact I have had as many as five sporting breeds at one time. I currently have only one English Setter. Nothing makes a hunt better than having a dog to hunt with. Either shooting over one on point or having one retrieving your duck or goose from the water, it’s how it should be. The difference is those dogs are in sight and under control of their handlers.

However, I have never run deer with a pack of hounds, though, I can see the allure for a small portion of the hunting population. Our problem (some of my neighbors and I) is that those hounds are running without any control with no regard of whether the land they are on is private, posted, or someone else is hunting on their own property.

Granville County is not what it once was, some good changes, some not so good, but changed. What were once large tracts of land has been subdivided many times over into smaller and smaller parcels. Where it was needed to use a pack of dogs to find deer for sport and food for the table has now morphed into setting the hounds loose to run deer from private/posted land while sitting watching their phones or tablets as the dogs run the deer to them. This is an invasion of private property.

This bill, though not perfect, addresses this issue. Running a pack of good hounds should not be eliminated but used in proper context. Large tracts of land would be perfect for this purpose, with the permission of the owner or on their owned property.

Joseph Hennessey